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DPR Says Infrastructure Development of Hajj should take precedence

Foto: Jamaah Haji Indonesia

KIBLAT.NET, Jakarta – President Joko Widodo on Wednesday wants hajj funds to be invested for infrastructure development without mention it details. According members of House of representatives Commission VIII, H Sodik Mudjahid, Should be the priority of the Hajj infrastructure development.

“This plan is not in accordance with the condition of the current Hajj infrastructure. because in fact it apartement are still expensive, plane is still expensive also. Should, the existing haj funds be channeled to the pilgrim infrastructure first, ” he told Kiblat.net,Sunday (30/07).

He also pointed out, that must be addressed one of them is to build maktab or hotels in Arabs for pilgrims from Indonesia.

“Buy the building and land. And then used by us.Then it will be cheaper than the annual contract.And we will benefit by renting the place for Indonesian pilgrims who want to umrah.because each year the pilgrims to Mecca continues to increase, “he said.

Shodik Asses, President plant that will uses hajj funds for public infrastructure is very incompatible with the needs of pilgrims today.

“The point of this decision are not in accordance with the needs of hajj pilgrims this time, ” he said.

Editor: Furqon Amrullah

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