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This is a MUI Prohibition Point in Social Media

Foto: Gedung MUI

Kiblat.net, Jakarta – Secretary of the Fatwa Commission of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), Asrorun Niam Soleh revealed the basis of MUI consideration in issuing a fatwa on social media. One of them is the lack of accountability of social media users when posting a thing.

“We consider that the use of social media often receives and disseminates information that is not necessarily true and useful. It could be intentionally or ignorance, which can cause damage in the community, “he said in a press conference at Kominfo Building, Jakarta on Monday (05/06).

Therefore, the MUI decided to issue a fatwa in the form of the ban. This fatwa on social media is contained in the Fatwa of Indonesian Ulema Council Number 24 of 2017.

The contents of the legal guidelines for social media activities according to the MUI fatwa is as follows:

1. In interacting with each other, both in real life and in social media, every Muslim must base their faith in faith and piety, virtue (mu’asyarah bil ma’ruf), brotherhood (ukhuwwah), mutual testament to truth (al-haqq) As well as calling on the good (al-amr bi al-ma’ruf) and preventing evil and negativity (al-nahyu ‘an al-munkar).

2. Every Muslim who conduct activities through social media must pay attention to the things as follows:

A. Always improving faith and piety, not encouraging kufr and disobedience.

B. Strengthening ukhuwwah (brotherhood), both ukhuwwah Islamiyyah (fraternity to Islamization), ukhuwwah wathaniyyah (national brotherhood), and ukhuwwah insaniyyah (brotherhood of humanity).

C. Strengthening harmony, both internally, between religious communities, as well as between religious communities and the Government.

3. Every Muslim who interact through social media is forbidden to:

A. Commit gossiping or backbiting, slander, tale-bearing, and spreading of hostility.

B. Commit bullying, hate speech, and hostility on the basis of tribe, religion, race, or among groups.

C. Spread hoax, false or fabricated information, as well as lying about information though with good intentions, such as info about the death of the living.

D. Spread pornographic material, disobedience and all syar’i forbidden gtrcthings.

E. Spread the correct content but not the appropriate place and or time.

4. Producing, disseminating and or making access to content/information that is not true to the community is forbidden.

5. Producing, distributing and or making accessible content/information about hoax, gossiping, slander, tale-bearing, disgrace, bullying, hate speech, and other related personal matters to others and or legal audiences are forbidden.

6. Search for information about ignorance, gossip, badness of another person or their legal group is forbidden except for syar’i justified interests.

7. Producing and or disseminating content/information that aims to justify the wrong or correct bvlame, build an opinion to succeed, and the purpose of concealing the truth and deceiving the public is forbidden.

8. Distributing personal content to audiences, whereas the content is known to be inappropriate to be publicly distributed, such as poses that show exposed body, is forbidden.

9. Buzzer activities in social media that makes the provision of information containing hoaxes, gossip, slander, tale-bearing, bullying, disgrace, gossip, and other similar things as professions for profit, both economic and non-economic, is forbidden. Likewise, people who order, support, help, utilize services and people who facilitate it.

Editor: Furqon Amrulloh

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