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IPW don’t Believe with Allegations Alleged Plot Agreement of Police

Foto: Ketua Presidium IPW, Neta S. Pane.

KIBLAT.NET – Jakarta Metro Police has arrested five suspected people in an alleged plot agreement case. They were ZA, IR, MAK, V, and M. One of them was the coordinator of 313 rally and the Secretary General of Muslims Forum (FUI), Muhammad al-Khaththath.

Indonesia Police Watch (IPW) argued the arrest showed police arrogance. “It would be confusing for the public,” he said.

Let alone, the police accuse that reason for the arrest because those will take action treason.

The Chairman of IPW Presidium Neta S. Pane urged the police to give bright explanation about the plot agreement accused. He reminded that Metro Jaya Police had previously arrested some people with the same accusation.

“It is weird why Indonesian Military acts calmly. Why did Intelligence Agency does not give any signal that the country is in danger, as there are nationalists and religious people who plan a plot,” said him in the same day.

He added that the previous accusation to the nationalists arrested was not clear. The investigation file was never been submitted to court.

IPW urged the police to submit the file, so the accusation could be proven in the court. The accusation should be appropriate to the facts provided. It would prove that it was not a form of criminalization to some critical figures.

Editor: Furqon Amrullooh

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